“ I moved to a new villa, there was a backyard, so I thought it would be great to have a small garden with synthetic grass installed. Green People were so specific, just in time and gave me a very good price. Thank you so much for your concern, good quality & price. ”

Eng. Passaut Refaat

“ People should know more about LEAD Emissions and how heat effects synthetics , this is one of the reasons we choose the Beyond Natural product from Green People , we used this product before and are very satisfied . The overall experience was Excellent and YES ! I would recommend Beyond Natural Lawn from Green People . ”

Mr. Collins Abercrombie

“ As you say, our grass has now been down for about 16 months and we are delighted with it. It requires next to no maintenance - just the odd brushing or hosing to make it look as fresh as the day it was laid. It has also withstood being taken up and re-laid when pool maintenance has been undertaken - a huge advantage which avoided the destruction of the grass has it been 'real' whilst the initial outlay was quite expensive, it has cost us nothing to maintain and the savings on water alone are immense. All in all, very happy customers! ”


“ We would like to thank everyone at Green People for the wonderful service and product they supplied to Jumeirah International Nursery. Your team worked with us day and night to complete our playground area in time for our International Day. They were always on time, friendly, creative and very professional. The lawn is perfect for our Nursery because it is water, maintenance and insect free. It stays green all year round and we do not have to worry about moving heavy playground equipment off to let the grass recover. There is also no need to worry about muddy patches or scorched grass. The children love running around bare foot and the teachers love the cleanliness of the grass. Our teachers can now slip the children’s shoes straight back on with no need to wash 15 pairs of feet – hooray! Your grass is really a good product and we recommend it to everyone, especially to those with children. Yours sincerely, ”

Janet Thompson Head Teacher

“ I found Greenpeople to be very professional in their approach to the work at my house. Their quote was clear and, once approved, they turned up as per plan and carried out the work quickly with the minimum of disruption. The end result is a no-maintenance garden that all of my friends admire. Hope this helps, ”

Jim McAllister

“ It was just the right time that we picked up your flyer about synthetic lawns. We seem to have become desperate from struggling to maintain the grass at our garden despite the constant care and attention we put into it. We wanted both the trees and the grass but since it’s not such a big area, the grass just could not thrive. We must say that we were skeptical about the wonder lawn at first as we thought it would look artificial but we were glad we put that aside and opted for it because it looks very natural and immaculately neat just like what we always wanted and even under the shade of our trees! The kids love the grass even more now while we feel secure knowing it free from pesticide and fertilizer which could be harmful to them. And of course, just thinking that our lawn will be constantly lovely and wonderful for years without any maintenance, the money spent is all worth it! Thanks a lot! ”

Carlo & Deng Nassif

“ I visited the Green People website and found it clear and accurate, and the Quality of the Grass is Excellent, I recommend not only the product and the company but the ground preparation and installation including the finishing touches, I would recommend Green People without any hesitation and suggest you use them for everything from ground preparation to the complete installation. ”


“ We choose Green People Lawn for its quality of selected grass, as Green People are the sole supplier found in UAE overall experience was good !, I recommend Green People. ”

S Allinson

“ We choose Green People because of the Testimonials and Website, the beyond Natural grass, is a low maintenance , product and a safe area for our young baby, the overall experience working with GreenPeople was excellent, efficient and Professional. We would absolutely recommend GreenPeople lawns. We found the entire experience excellent our initial query was responded to quickly and efficiently. Staff are extremely professional in explaining all options, costs and installation. Timelines were adhered to and the whole installation was completed on time and to budget.. ”

Matthew Ranson

“ It was good working with Green People. Yes, we would like to recommend their synthetic grass. Green People have good products. With synthetic grass there is ‘No Maintenance’ ”

Kim & Paul Declercq

“ We saw the AD of Green People in a Supermarket. The different types of lawns were displayed on a board and it was very ‘grass like’. Green People were very good and professional. We do recommend their synthetic grass. There’s no need of mowing and we are just enjoying it. ”

Mo & Art Vennings

“ The team was really professional from top to bottom and a joy to work with. The overall experience working with Greenpeople was fantastic. I have recommended Green people’s synthetic lawns to my friends. ”

Rachael Arnold

“ Green People supplied the best grass that’s why I chose them to install synthetic grass to the side of my villa where natural grass doesn’t grow. Green people staff members are very professional people to deal with. Thank you for a job well done! ”

Stephanie Wilson

“ I saw the advertisement of Green People’s synthetic grass in a Mall. I had it installed in my garden due to ‘Big Savings’. Green People have a very pleasant staff. ”

Daniel Baringthon

“ We have chosen to install synthetic grass to improve the look of our garden and to help reduce water bills. Green People sales staff has been good and helpful. We definitely recommend their synthetic grass to my friends. ”

Denise & John Larkin

“ Over 7 years and the durability of Green People’s Beyond natural grass has been beyond expectation. The grass has paid its self-off, just with Savings made from water. Green People have been responsive, professional, easy to deal, positive, always helpful and left the site clean and tidy. Yes ! I would recommend the Beyond Natural Grass from Green People. ”

Walter Bailey

“ I had asked Green People to install synthetic grass in my garden as real grass is too costly to maintain and doesn’t look as good. They have good marketing and word of mouth. It was excellent working with them. Their installation people were very helpful as our installation was quite intricate. We are very happy with our new lawns and would highly recommend this for others to follow. ”

Kenneth Caithness

“ Installing synthetic grass in my garden was an easy option. The staff members of Green People were nice and friendly. It was very easy to deal with them. Absolutely, I will recommend Green People’s synthetic grass. ”

Sharon Allen

“ Installing synthetic grass is a much better option for the entire family. Our previous experience with Green People has been tremendous. Their sales staff has been professional and fast in their services. In general, working with Green people was superb! ”

Rafia Durrani

“ Green People did an Excellent joband the team ON site was helpful AND very courteous. ”

Malachy Roscoe

“ Very Good Service FROM the Green People Team ”

Ivan Womack

“ With synthetic grass, it is easier to keep & maintain. I’m very happy with green people sales staff and installation guys. They were highly recommended. ”

Khalid Yousef

“ I opted to install synthetic lawns because natural grass kept dying and being replaced. I am very happy with the service received from Green People. They were very professional and excellent in dealing with us. ”

Victoria Russo

“ Synthetic grass is easy to maintain that’s why I decided to install it at my garden. Green People has the best product. ”

Ivan Womack

“ There is no cost of irrigation & maintenance with synthetic lawns. Green People’s staff members have a sense of professionalism and have a very professional attitude. ”

David Kaleta

“ Green People is the only distributor with top quality product. Their synthetic grass is consistently good appearance. ”

Patrick Mulligan

“ I liked Green People’s product, their synthetic lawns are great alternative to a ‘real’ grass as it kept dying! Working with Green People is wonderful, very professional & friendly. ”

Miranda Lassale

“ Green People’s synthetic lawns are of quality and their staff members were excellent to work with. I thoroughly recommend Green People to anyone who is fed up with replacing natural grass. ”

Carole Ruth Metcalf

“ It was my pleasure working with Green People. They were extremely professional; their sales person came to the site before, during & after job completion, ensuring everything was done. There was a need to have synthetic grass installed where natural grass could not grow. ”

Emmanuel Ajayi

“ I decided to let Green People install synthetic grass in our garden because it is easy to maintain and no additional costs for watering. They have excellent customer service and they were the only ones who responded promptly. Greenpeople staff delivered and finished on time despite the ‘red tape’. Their Sales Staff was not only professional but was witting to give advice. Absolutely, we will recommend green people’s synthetic lawns. ”

Natalie Brown

“ Green People has been helpful AND considerate WITH the installation SCHEDULE AND Laura IS informative about the product AND she followed up well. The installers are efficient AND did an excellent Job .. ”

Yolanda Jashanmal

“ I have known Green People through a friend. Their synthetic grass is easy to maintain and it’s low cost. Dealing with Green People Staff was excellent. Thank you! ”

Diana Safa

“ I had Green People installed the synthetic grass at our other branch of Nursery 4 years ago and it looks as good as new! They have good quality product and competitive prices. Green People have excellent customer service and advice. Working with them was excellent! They have knowledgeable staff and completed the work on time. Since installing the grass, our children have gained a wonderful play area. Teachers and children are enjoying outdoor activities even more. I am planning to install synthetic grass in our other area. ”

Jan Webber Head Mistress

“ We Choose Green People's Landscaping Turf as our garden does not have enough Sunlight and we saw at a friends house in Arabian Ranches the installation, and were referred to them. The overall experience working with Green People was very good, great customer service and response. I will definitely recommend Green people. The product looks and feels great, don't think we will ever grow Natural Grass Again ! ”

Gale Clement

“ AFTER over 5 years, we are very happy WITH our choice of Grass, even AFTER 5 years it looks Great ! AND IS IN Great condition. The Beyond NATURAL Grass FROM Green People was worth it, it looks great ALL YEAR ROUND AND great FOR children. ”

Louise Crown

“ The workers are very good, very clean AND did their WORK perfectly. ”

Samar Sami El Shafai

“ I chose to install Synthetic Grass for my garden because it is Maintenance Free. I've also chosen Green People's synthetic grass due to its QUALITY.Their team's professionalism is exemplary. We would definitely recommend Green People to our neighbours if they are keen to do artificial grass. ”

Cornelius Low

“ Jennifer , On behalf of the school management, at Jebel Ali Primary School , I would like to thank Greenpeople for the amazing work your team did during the summer. ”

Jebel Ali Primary School

“ We chose Green people Synthetic for practicality and Cost Savings, Green People are honest and professional , had a very good overall experience working with them. I would Absolutely recommend Green People and will use Green People again to install more Grass for my front garden. ”

Mr. Haidat

“ We choose Green People Synthetic Grass due to excellent Grass Quality. Green People sales people were friendly , and our over all experience working with Green people was excellent, I would recommend them to others. Great Service ! ”

Mr. Martin Butterworth ( Al Reef Villas)

“ We choose Green People Synthetic Lawn AS it IS Maintenance free, Permanently NATURAL looking Green Color, Springy , An Personal recommendation. Green People was recommended BY a neighbor. Overall experience working WITH Green People was Very Good, Very Clean AND Tidy ! We would recommend the Lawns FROM Green People, AND tell ALL our "Ranches Ladies" AND my Neighbors, also my husbands relative who are Emiratis. ”

Carole Binbrek

“ Our irrigational bills were ridiculous AND AFTER seeing the Green People Beyond NATURAL Grass AT the school ,we loked what we saw very much.The staff were very organized AND efficient AND an excellent experience ”

Mohammed Zeeshan

“ I have chosen Green People “Beyond Natural Grass” because it is Sports Friendly , Less Maintenance. I chose Green People to install my grass because they were organized and had a professional approach. It was an excellent experience working with Green People! Of course, I would recommend Green People Turf lawns ”

Mr. Madhu

“ We have chosen Synthetic Grass because our grass didn’t grow. Full sun in summer, full shade in winter onto our 4th lot of grass. That’s why we opted for Beyond Natural Grass from Green People. We have chosen Green People to install our grass because we heard that the quality of their grass is the best. And we were not mistaken. Green People has a good reputation. Aside from that, it was an excellent experience working with Green People – Sales team in particular was always reliable, efficient and friendly. So I would recommend the Beyond Natural Grass lawns from Green People. If our Front Lawn dies and we save more money, we will let them do our Front Lawn. I am really satisfied now with the looks of my backyard, they made an excellent work in it so my backyard looks wonderful. ”


“ Green People’s synthetic grass is the best I found in Dubai. They are an Excellent company very good and professional .. ”

Nabil Walid

“ A Fantastic, NATURAL looking finish, very professional staff AND YES definitely I would LIKE TO recommend Green People. ”

Lejla Vrazalic

“ We choose Green People, Synthetic Lawn as "real turf don 't work in UAE", needed a good quality Artificial Grass - best in the Market. Green People are the only distributors in the Market. The overall Experience working with Green people was very positive and would recommend them. The team who installed were very thorough and did not leave any mess. ”

Jo Tutungi

“ We choose the Beyond Natural product from Green People as we had installed the product a few years ago and the result was Excellent , I would also like to comment on the work as being Professional , Extremely Efficient , and would recommend Green People “ Yes – Anytime ” ”

Richard B. Simmons

“ We paid ridiculous amounts on irrigation bills. Then we saw Jebel Ali School’s lawn and liked it very much. Green People is an excellent company to deal with, their staff was efficient and very organized. We would recommend Beyond Natural Grass from Green People to anyone. ”

Mohammed Zeeshan

after 4 years of installation

“ We were just admiring our beautiful grass. We are still thrilled with the product and wish we’d put it in years before. it really still looks good as new and is standing up remarkably well to our new dog! After 4 years of installation ”

Stevi Lowmass

“ I was recommend TO purchase FROM Green People AND my overall experience was FAST AND friendly service AND YES I would recommend Green People. ”

Tim Hileman

“ Green People come highly recommended. My overall experience is that Green People gave me excellent, fast and friendly service. I would recommend the Beyond Natural Lawn to anyone. ”

Tim Hillman

“ Despite having a Sprinkler System our natural grass was still dying. We saw our Neighbours lawn, I was impress with the job Green People did. Their service was excellent. They were very professional, arrived on time and completed the job on time. We only had the lawn for a few weeks but our kids are out there on the lawn everyday now, where previously they avoided the back yard. I would definitely recommend GreenPeople Beyond Natural Lawn. ”

Eric Fox

“ I Choose Beyond Natural Grass from GreenPeople as it looks Great! Their service was Prompt and Excellent. I would like to recommended GreenPeople. ”

Rod Jones

“ I found Green People, to be very professional, and choose the Beyond Natural product due to it?s Quality and does not need to be replaced every year. ”


“ I choose GreenPeople for their Reputation, Quality and use of Material. The overall experience was very professional and efficient and i would recommend GreenPeople without any doubt as our Garden has been Transformed. ”

Shane Marton

“ We choose Green People Beyond Natural grass to save ongoing water costs… Green People has a good range and price, our overall experience working with them was Very Good ! and recommend them. Very Satisfied with the work done. ”

Jane Elspeth

“ “We Chose Green People Beyone Natural Grass, as it was difficult in keeping grass watered and cost reduction. Overall experience working with Green people was good, and would recommend them, the work was quick and good work”. ”

George Mc Connel

“ I chose Green People turf lawn after much research, I learned the difference in Quality, and found it to be of the highest quality available. The overall experience working with Green People was very quick and professional and would recommend and I intend to ”

Heather Rezek

“ The advanced and proven technologies of the grass and the simple installation has made my garden look so pleasant. It was installed so quick, so efficient, and so professional! I would recommend Beyond Natural Grass by Green People, it made my garden look like a garden again! ”

Yvonne Tobien

“ We chose Green People Beyond Natural Grass, due to the Quality , low Maintenance and the Grass looks real, our Friends from Victory Heights recommended Green People and have seen the Grass installed at the School JAPS. Overall experience working with Green People was “Excellent” and absolutely recommend them, Great Service. ”

Liz & Darren Woods

“ We chose Green Peoples Beyond Natural Grass, as they were very quick to come over and offer a quotation,Green people were very prompt & professional staff.Our overall experience working with Green people was very Satisfied and would definitely recommend the Lawns form Green People. ”

Ralph and Katrina Steven

“ I choose Greenpeople's Beyond Natural Grass for the colour and quality , yes! i would definitely recommend GreenPeople. Thank You, GreenPeople, the Overall experience was Fantastic! ”

Jessica Watson

“ I would definitely recommend Beyond Natural grass from Green People and found the product to be very cosmetic . Green People had the best company profile whilst researching , and were very organized during the installation , The overall experience working was Excellent . ”

Niall Colm Mc Loughlin

“ I was looking for Artificial Grass , but had no idea which Brand or Type . I wanted something that looked and felt REAL , not like the turf in school which was hard and short , after googling , I was impressed with the testimonials on the Green People website and decided to call them . After seeing the samples , I knew that was exactly what I was looking for , the Service from Green People was prompt and professional and I would absolutely recommend the Beyond Natural ,.... lawn from Green People , All my friends , who have seen the Grass already Love it ! ”

Ms. B. Misselhorn (Dubai)

“ Natural Grass depends on weather conditions and other variables , but the Beyond Natural Grass from Green People , remains the same all year round. Rarely has a supplier given us complete cooperation like Green People ....I would Absolutely recommend the Beyond Natural product from Green People ,...I still can't believe the synthetic Grass , installed is Artificial . ”

Mr. Prashant Verma

“ We had been thinking about moving from real grass to synthetic grass for several years and finally decided to do the changeover last year after another season of patchy grass, broken sprinklers and too many ants. We decided to opt for the higher quality grass, I was still anxious even on the day the grass was laid as to whether it was the right decision. I can honestly say we have never looked back and wished we'd done it years before! with the new grass we have used our garden much more than we ever did before. The children happily run across it in bare feet without worrying about getting ant bites. Even the cat seems to have taken to it. Surprisingly most visitors don't even realise the grass is artificial, it is only if we point it out. All in all I would have no hesitation of recommending artificial grass versus the real deal and the Green People could not have been more professional. They responded when needed and kept to all the project dates. ”

Tazmin Walker

“ I choose Green People due to their reputation and good customer service, my overall experience was very good and Yes ! I would recommend Beyond Natural Lawns from Green People. ”

Bill Haojie

“ The Finishing of Beyond Natural Grass from Green People, was really Good, I had a great experience and was recommend to go with Green People due to their experience and specialization. ”

Mr.Pierre Siri

“ It's a such a pleasure to open the curtains in the morning to perfect grass! I was so upset when caterers burnt holes in the grass. Greenpeople made amazing repairs - totally repaired and invisible! ”

Annie Silver

“ ALL the workers FROM Green People were friendly AND professional. I READ good reviews ON Green People ON the internet AND decide TO go WITH them, the experience was Excellent. ”


“ Green People had good reviews, and that was my reasoning to go with them, their Service was good and I would recommend the Beyond Natural product. ”

Paul Jarvis

“ Green People have been superb. Their product is Excellent; it looks Gorgeous in our back yard. It is easy to keep clean and maintain and takes away the hassle of having to replant grass and spend a fortune on the water bill. Not only is the product great, I think the way they have cut it and installed it is what makes it long lasting and gives it the WOW factor. Green People's customer service is great, they keep their appointment time and respect that their clients time is as worthy as their own. The guys respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help. At my request, six months later they came back to install the extra pieces I had on the other side of my backyard at no cost. I would highly recommend the Beyond Natural product, from Green People and their service, after sales service and kudos to their level professionalism ! ”

Shazia Haji

“ The Beyond Natural product from Green People is Excellent , and appearance is Great ! , I preferred the Beyond Natural product due to it’ Quality . I would like to add the Service was Excellent and I would definitely recommend Green People. ”


“ I decided , to install Beyond Natural Grass from Green People as their Grass looked Real unlike others , they have many installations in our Area and due to high Water Bills , and my natural grass was always “patchy” . My experience with Green People ……… “On time every time , courteous and Highly Professional” ”


“ After a lot of Research we found Green People’s , Beyond natural product to be the safest and Green People to be a very professional company .We have a big garden and tried natural grass for 4 years , but it kept dying and our water bills were so high and we could not use the garden as the grass was always wet .We wish we had opted for synthetic grass 5 years ago , it makes so much sense and functional when you have kids who want to be on the grass all the time . Green People were vey Responsive and understanding and Absolutely we have already recommend them ! ”

Ms.Nadine Kabbani

“ The Miracle Lawn from GreenPeopleME has been great. It is used extensively by us and our dogs and has shown no signs of wear and tear. We have 3 dogs and when we had real grass, we always hada lot of brown spots where grass would not grow back and looked horrible. Since we got the Miracle Lawn, the garden always looks great like the day it was installed. The biggest advantage has been the cost saving from not having to water the real grass multiple times a day. We have reduced our water consumption by approximately 40% after installing the miracle lawn. I would recommend the Miracle Lawn to anyone living in Dubai and especially to anyone with dogs. ”

Prashanth Athreya

“ Green People laid artificial grass in my garden at the Palm Jumeirah,in Feb 2010 , over 5 years ago , I'm delighted to say that it's still in excellent condition and hasn't faded or degraded in the least. It's certainly been worthwhile investment ”

Peter Bennett

“ I decided to go with Green People because of their reputation, they were very quick and efficient during the installation, and our overall experience was Excellent ”

Dr. Massimo Piracc, PHD

“ AFTER my research, I observed Green People had the best product IN the Market. I would LIKE TO Thank the Green People Team FOR their professionalism AND workmanship. Green People IS an Excellent company AND I will absolutely recommend them. ”

Captain Jean Marc De Montrichard

“ 3 reason contributed to our decision to pick Beyond Natural synthetic Grass from Green People, product Quality, customer reviews and their product knowledge. The experience working with Green People was professional and I would recommend GreenPeople. ”

Klare de Temmerman

“ We are repeat customers, as Green People sell a Quality product. The whole experience with Green People was straight forward, Excellent and a very good result . ”

Bean Thompson

“ We are a REPEAT customer ! We had used the Beyond NATURAL Grass FROM Green People, IN a previous house AND liked the texture AND naturalness of it. We had used Green People BEFORE AND were very impressed AS Green People are a thoroughly professional firm WITH good Quality products, I would very much so recommend Green People. ”

Jane Elsolh

“ The Beyond Natural Grass from Green People has transformed my Garden, it was expensive but it’s worth it in the long run and it’s the Best Quality and definitely I recommend Beyond Natural lawns from Green People. ”

Sioned Taylor

“ 5 Years (2010) since we installed Beyond Natural Grass from Green People, it’s been convenient and Fantastic !, we just had our Garden extended and called Green People again as it’s been wonderful experience as they are very professional and hassle Free. ”

Liza Gomasky

“ I choose Green People because of all the Referrals we got.Green People were very responsive and provided good service before and after the installation.The finished Lawn looks great and the Golf putting green conforms to our golfing requirements and performs well. We would definitely recommend Green People. ”

Brian & Sami Wilkie

“ GreenPeople are the Best ! , we purchased their Beyond Natural Lawns 7 years ago and reinstalled it 3 times in 3 different homes in the past 7 years. Only Green People have a Quality product in the Market. Having worked with them over 7 years we found GreenPeople be be very professional and the Service was always excellent ”

Anna Lisa

“ We had bought previously from GreenPeople Lawn over 5 years and this is the third time we are purchasing and are very happy with overall all Lawn product and service. ”

Jane Elpeth Ina Elsolh

We recently purchased other grass , and had to replace it in only 7 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Grass started to deteriorate , fibers literally coming off the base , and the grass started to fold over , the backing tore as well ,we then approached Green People and visited several sites in Dubai viewing installations that were over 10 years old , and were impressed and decided to buy the Green People’s Beyond Natural , 10 Year Guaranteed synthetic Grass ”





Rula Kafity
6th June 2015