Hockey Turf


Artificial grass and hockey are inextricably connected 

Today artificial grass is synonymous with the sport of hockey. With the advent of artificial grass in the seventies, field hockey suddenly became much faster and became much more popular. The rules were revised, techniques refined and the artificial fibres became an essential component of the sport.

Artificial grass has everything hockey players could desire. The field offers every opportunity for quick passes and precise ball control. Hockey players benefit from comfortable shock absorption and do not have to fear injury during heavy sliding.

Approved quality for hockey artificial grass

Hockey fields often take a beating. The strike of hockey sticks and speed of the players make the durability of an artificial pitch extremely important. For that reason continual research is done into the further improvement of the fibres.
Artificial grass,  which is suitable for top class competitions, is awarded the FIH Global Quality Approved standard. An alternative to the water-based turf that must be watered, is semi-water-based turf, also known as sand-dressed turf, which can be used wet or dry. Sand-filled hockey turf is also available. The depends on the level of the game, the degree of use and the budget available.