Artificial turf for football training & competition

A consistently even field, with no muddy puddles or bare patches, which can be played on in both summer and winter? For many football clubs this is a dream, but it does not have to remain so. Artificial turf can provide the best play characteristics. Every club wants to make optimal use of their training facilities but also to make cancelled fixtures a thing of the past. Bad weather conditions all too often throw a spanner in the works when playing football on a natural grass pitch. It is irritating for the club, but also for players and supporters. By providing an answer to these problems the popularity of artificial turf for football is increasing quickly. For many football clubs, artificial turf is an investment that also gives an effective return.


Just as natural as grass

The practical benefits are indisputable. Footballers who have not yet played on synthetic grass often need some encouragement to be convinced of how enjoyable it is to play on artificial turf. This is understandable given that artificial football pitches often felt hard and unpleasant in the past. However, it is entirely unjustified today as artificial turf systems now comprise extremely skin-friendly materials in terms of both the artificial turf and the rubber infill. Sliding tackles and even ‘sliding on the stomach’ goal celebrations are possible on artificial turf without the slightest scratch.


Artificial grass a certified solution

Artificial turf has earned its place in the football world. UEFA, the European Football Association, gave the green light to hold UEFA Champions League matches, the UEFA Cup and the qualification competitions of the World Cup and European Championships on artificial turf.
FIFA also promotes artificial turf for football. In early 2001, FIFA launched the Quality Concept: an extensive testing programme to develop an international standard for artificial turf, to guarantee the safety of footballers and to encourage developments in the artificial turf industry.


Natural grass & Artificial turf: A successful combination

Would you like to combine the benefits of artificial turf with natural grass? Then a clever solution is also on hand.