Due to the hot climate of the Middle East it is difficult and expensive to maintain a healthy-looking lawn. We at Greenpeople have the perfect solution. We have grass that does not grow, has no need for expensive irrigation, and is always green.

Greenpeople’s Beyond Natural grass is of superior quality. Whether you have a big or small garden, a rooftop garden, balcony or a garden with plenty of shade, our grass will always look great.

Greenpeople’s grass is free of any hazardous material and, therefore, it is the perfect grass for any play area. Kids love the soft feel of the grass. It is the only safe alternative to natural grass because no pesticides or fertilizers are needed.

Water is expensive in the Middle East. However, it is not only the cost savings that make people turn to our Beyond Natural grass. The enormous pressure on our water resources is another factor. By installing a Greenpeople Beyond Natural lawn, not only do you save money, but you also help the environment; and you have a stunning-looking lawn every day of the year.

Beyond Natural grass is not affected by chlorine making it the number one choice for poolsides. No need for mowing, so no more grass clippings being dragged into the pool.


Salt water and grass don’t get along very well. So if you prefer living by the sea, Beyond Natural grass is the only solution to maintaining a healthy-looking lawn at your seaside property.

Whatever your requirement, we at Greenpeople will help you find the right grass for the right area. Give us a call and we shall be more than happy to visit you and offer you the right solution.