Grass for commercial purposes


Commercial establishments such as schools, offices, factories, hotels, roads, and roundabouts all have some green zones. The cost of maintaining these areas to keep them pleasing to the eye is high. Water cost alone is a big factor and the cost to the environment is even bigger.

Greenpeople have the perfect solution. Our environment friendly Beyond Natural grasses are stunning to look at and don't need water, irrigation equipment, fertilizers, pesticides or mowing. You won't know the difference if you're not told!

That is why our Beyond Natural grass is the choice to beautify any area. We have a choice of over 20 different grasses to suit any situation: from small areas with high traffic, to large areas where we can use a sand infill system.

We at Greenpeople have the experience that enables us to tackle any challenges. We only offer the best quality. Our products are made for the Middle East. They have a 100% UV protection built-in. Once properly installed, your Beyond Natural lawn will last for over a decade with very minimal maintenance.

Did you know that most of our grasses cost only around the 25% of what natural grasses would cost over a period of 10 years?! This alone is a good reason to install a Beyond Natural grass: it improves the bottom line of any business and on top of that saves the environment; and looks like 'a million dollars' all year round, year after year.

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