About us


Green People are the Manufacturers and Authorised Distributors of Miracle Lawns, Pinnacle Golf Putting Greens and Sporting Turf for the Middle East. Our lawns are used for private gardens/lawns, landscaping projects, sporting fields, parks and city beautification.

Our Beyond natural lawns are far better looking and longer lasting then natural grass. In addition it is low in maintenance, does not need water, and is irrigation, fertiliser and pesticides Free! Therefore it costs a fraction in comparison to natural grass and is environmental friendly as well. Our turfs are professionally installed and come with a full 8-year warranty.

Our ‘Pinnacle Golf Putting Greens’ are used by the top PGA Golf Professionals world wide, it compares to PGA Greens and will reduce the handicap of any player.
Our Football / soccer sporting turf can be FIFA approved; Other Sporting Turfs (Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, and Hockey) are all up to international and professional marks.

History of synthetic grass

It is a common mistake to confuse modern artificial grass with the bright green turf mat that can be found in gardens or construction centres. The real first use of synthetic grass has been by professional sport clubs.

The first large projects date from the period 1964-1966 with the renowned AstroDome Baseball Stadium in Texas (USA) as a prime example. Here natural grass was replaced by artificial grass which, from that moment onwards, became famously known as Astroturf.
The development of its predecessor, dates back to the end of the fifties when research was done to find a safe surface for schools and playgrounds

At this moment, production technology is so advanced that artificial grass can be used in a wide variety of situations: from a ski run in Portugal to airport runways, motorway embankments and a training ground at the top of an apartment building in the heart of Tokyo. These are just a small example of the different locations in which artificial grass has been used with tremendous success.

Greenpeople can offer over twenty different types of synthetic grass in which the combination of pile height and density is perfect for its specific goal and determines its look & feel.


Characteristics of Synthetic Grass

• Resistant to all types of weather and the most extreme of temperatures so that it can stay outside without rotting;
• chlorine (swimming pools), sea water (boats and beach living) and UV resistant to avoid the fading of colours;
permeable and extra perforated for easy drainage;
• can be recycled making it environmentally friendly and ecologically safe.


Advantages of Synthetic Grass

low maintenance which saves on cost, time and effort;
• always bright green, even in shady areas or in scorching summer heat;
• watering, mowing, cutting edges, fertilizing, aerating and weeding are no longer necessary;
clean and elastic surface which prevents injuries for athletes and children;
• playing devices and inflatable swimming pools do not cause yellow spots;
hard-wearing top quality material which ensures pleasure without worry;
anti-skid on wet spots and less risk of moss;
non-allergenic e.g. hay fever;
no mud after rain;

How durable is Synthetic grass?

private individuals will probably never have to replace their artificial grass;

* in case of intensive (commercial) use, there is a chance that after 10 to 15 years, aesthetic

considerations make customers decide to replace the artificial grass;

* for professional use in sport, the lifespan can be estimated at 12 to 15 years: and although

the fibres will not be completely worn out, they would no longer meet the federations’ strict technical requirements.

Does Synthetic Grass give an added value to a property?
The natural look of some types and the numerous advantages will undoubtedly appeal to future buyers. When they first come into contact with artificial grass, people tend to be pleasantly surprised by the quality and the user-friendliness of artificial grass.

Can slopes be covered with Synthetic Grass?

Smooth slopes present no problem: changes in temperature will automatically form the artificial grass onto its subsoil. On steeper slopes, it is advisable to fix the top layer with nails (invisibly).


Does Synthetic Grass have to be cleaned?

In case of normal maintenance, artificial grass is weather and wind resistant and it will automatically be cleaned by the rain (very rare in the Middle East). If an exceptional pollution has taken place, the grass can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or a normal garden hose.


Is Synthetic Grass also installed around existing trees?
Just as there will be some holes in the artificial grass before any planting, the shape of existing trees is respected.

Is Synthetic Grass fire proof?

Cigarette ashes or hot barbecue coals will result in scorch marks but they will not set artificial grass alight The fact that it is also used next to runways at airports (to prevent birds from building nests) is proof that artificial grass has been found satisfactory during elaborate testing with flammable liquids.Greenpeople is the specialist in Synthetic Grass. We develop, sell, install and can maintain (sporting field option) your synthetic grass.


We work together with general contractors and landscaping companies whereby we do the Synthetic grass, including the base and the general contractor or landscaping company does all the other  requirements.